How To Join The RTRA

How To Join The RTRA Alliance

The campaign’s goal is to inform and galvanise as many African Descendant’s with the Right To Return in 2022 and beyond. So RTRA needs assistance to circulate important information to as many forums as possible and there will be several different call to actions throughout the year which requires the support of the global African Community and anyone who sees the value of this campaign.

Attendance and participation at events, signing of petitions, contributing to information gathering and research papers, promoting media campaigns and lobbying governments are just some of the activities scheduled this year.

 Organisations and individuals are welcome to support the campaign activities and can join the RTRA campaign by filling out the membership forms below. This will automatically enable members to be added to our email list and be linked to their nearest supporting RTRA organisation. 

Members can also check the volunteer vacancies page regularly for part-time opportunities to help the campaign.