Event: Global Pan African Roots-Synergy Roundtable​ 2022


Event: Global Pan African Roots-Synergy Roundtable

The 25th of May 2022, The World Africa Day, will mark the tenth year since the Heads of State and Government and Representatives of the African Union, the Caribbean, North, Latin & South America, and the African Diaspora met during the Global African Diaspora Summit in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. That day, ten years ago, witnessed the historic adoption of the African Union-African Diaspora Declaration concerning the Diaspora Sixth Region of Africa.

Now, African Diaspora Civil Society organizations, Pan Africanists, and African Activist Organizations have taken the initiative to organize a special Roundtable on the AU Diaspora Declaration: Ten Years After. There will be serious and frank discussions to evaluate the success of that Diaspora Declaration, as they lay out a clear, decisive, actionable, accountable, and attainable path forward according to its intent.

For more information visit:- THE GLOBAL PAN AFRICAN ROOTS-SYNERGY ROUNDTABLE (addisroundtable2022.org)

To view the press release click this link:- Press Release: Global Pan African Roots Synergy Roundtable – Right To Return Alliance


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