About RTRA

We Are The Right To Return Alliance

We are a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom. 

Our aim is to support all African Descendants who wish to exercise their Right To Return (ADRTR) to Africa and lobby the relevant institutions and government departments to facilitate simplifying the process for all. We also promote the Right To Return in many other relevant forums to highlight our work.

Many people with African Caribbean, African American or Afro-Brazilian roots, for example, now wish to return to the land of their Ancestors. Their forefathers and mothers were enslaved and forcibly removed from various locations in Africa never having the opportunity to return in their lifetime. More than 400 years later and since the abolition of the African Transatlantic Slave Trade, their descendants have the Right To Return to Africa and need support to resettle. 

We are working towards a single holistic repatriation policy for all 55 African Nations, so that  communities e.g. in Britain can find out their ancestry, plan to repatriate and have support on arrival to resettle in any country of their choice. 

We liaise with a growing coalition of representative’s from African Descendant CSOs, NGOs and businesses in order to further our goals as listed on our Organisation Liaisons contact page.

Our registration certificate is below.

Organisational Structure

  • Chair & Ambassador

    Ujana-Kandake Hutchinson-Sharpe

  • Secretary

    Angelina 'Jahzara' Roach

  • Treasurer

    Kefentse Tskani

Specialist Liaisons

  • SRDC Liaison

    Cliff Kuumba

  • African Union & United Nations Liaison

    Dr Barryl Biekman

  • UNIA-ACL Committee and Black Star Action Network International Liaison

    Chief Foday Ajamu Mansaray

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Ujana-Kandake Hutchinson-Sharpe