2022 RTRA Goals

GOALS OF 2022:

The Year Of Promoting The African Descendants' Right To Return

 The goals for this year are to:-

1. Inform and galvanize as many ADRTR across the globe to join this movement;

2. Work with as many ADRTR as possible, who have already repatriated, and assess their experience and their needs to inform the creation of a holistic Right To Return Policy for
the AU member states;

3. Assist as many ADRTR as possible to work with their national government on all levels to
implement Right To Return policies which they are obligated to do now and in the future.

4. Lobby the AU to assist the 55 Member States to implement the agreed framework for the
Right To Return and facilitate the Right To Return in their policies and planning;

5. Lobby the AU Member States to insist that they recognise they have a moral duty to implement laws and legislations, to facilitate the Right To Return for ADRTR;

6. Support AU Member States who are hosting events to promote the benefits of living in their states, and already granting Right To Return to ADRTR;

7. Join with AU Member States who are lobbying the European Nations who previously practiced colonialism on the African continent, to respect and also facilitate any provision for legislation necessary, to fulfill their duty to make reparations relating to ADRTR exercising their Right To Return

8. Hosting events such as awareness days, workshops and conferences which will be listed on the RTRA website and updated regularly during 2022;

9. Expand this campaign as necessary until all the provisions have been put in place, permanently;